Friday, 9 September 2011


Today wasn't my day....staying in Desa Bukit Jambul for almost 2years only realize got orang gila... here's the cerita..

I reach home from work at 6pm, as usual walk to lobby the lift. Then suddenly there was this old man in age around 60+? for normal ppl reaction, they will wait for the old man togather for the lift do i..
being so kind hearted wait that uncle to come in..when we were in the lift. the uncle suddenly look at me and say "u KNOW AR? THE SECURITY GUARD NAME KAMAL, VERY JAHAT ONE.EVEN GOT ROBBERY THEY ALSO WONT HELP ONE" i was shocked http://www.smileycodes.infoand tot he was rob or something. I replied "U've been rob? and they don help u?". he said NO!!! they told me I MUST SCAN!! = =" i was like..huh?? scan??? scan wat?? after listening him bli bla'ing only i realize a crazy old hack who wanted to be searved like a king. He said we have paid the mantainance fee every mth, and they should open the "pole" at the guard house for us and not us to scroll down our car window to scan for the pole..He told me sorts of nonsense and even told me that Penang Turf Club also nonit to scan, the security guard will come n identify ur car sticker n they will let u in..he said " EVEN DATUK N TAN SRI ALSO NONIT TO SCAN"...(tis old fart really tot he's king)

After reaching 4th floor..he follow me out from the lift n continue complaining..Im trying to avoid him n said im in a hurry, i need to go home now...he ignore n continue telling me those craps.. Everytime i make a step he will follow me, i was afraid to walk to my house.. if he knows where i live den habis la.... he stay at 5th Floor No.10.. and i was at 4th floor.. He keep on repeating "Do u UNDERSTAND??? I DONT THINK SO, LET ME EXPLAIN TO U" There's even funny things he told me. He ask me, why do workers in factory have to scan in for work? BECAUSE THE EMPLOYEES WAS PAID SO THEY HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES & REGULATIONS, N HERE WE ARE THE ONE WHO PAY THE MANAGEMENT,SO Y DO WE HAVE TO FOLLOW R&R??NONSENSE IZZIT?? WHY WE HAVE TO SCAN?? he said..U guys go to work ofcoz scaning is much more easier and faster la..but IM ALREADY RETIRED, Y MUST I SCAN?? *diu la, retired nonit to die ar?? superman meh??* somemore say IS SIMPLE, IS ALL ABT
PSYCHOLOGY!!! Holy crap this old bag is nuts!!!" wats with psychology????!!!

After a bunch of nutty crapy cocks..i told him, "since ur soooooo unsetisfy the management, y not we go down to the office n have a tea or 2 with the person in charge? come let me show u the way".. and he was shocked n said NOOOO~~~~ I DON THINK U GET WAT I MEAN....IS USELESS TO TALK TO THEM..COME LET ME EXPLAIN AGAIN"...."why student must follow rules and wears uniform to sch?? har..u don know rite?? BECOZ OF THE GOVERMENT!!GOV IS PAYING RM100 FOR EACH STUDENT EVERY MTH!!so dats y everyone have to follow rules"... (GOD PLS HELP ME!!!) cocking at 4th floor for aroud 15mins, i decided to go down to management office.. by the time i reached there he started to lower his voice but still he continue cocking.. i said come lets go in n sit.. he said aiyah nonit la, i juz wanan let u understand nia.. BUT when he saw no one is in de office, he voice up again.. knn = =" where is the god damn PIC when u need them..then i walk to guard house, and he stop following already..i hide there n talk with the guard abt it..

The guard told me that this old man "crack" one..almost everyone staying here argue with him before..if u saw him, please stay away from him..i was SHOCKED!!!! ive bumped into a orang gila!! The guard said, tis old fart don want to scan the pole everytime he drives in. he wanted the guard to open for him = =" perangai buruk..the old shit even told me that he din scan for 7years already..(fuh kesian the guards)
End up the guard accompany me to the lift.. i told him i was afraid to walk there.. T^T *thank u Kamal*
I don have the balls to take up my hp n snap his pic..haiz...i reached lobby at 6.05pm and sampai rumah safely at 7.15pm = ="... At 1st i wanna blog my makeup tutorial for today.. but looks like i don have the time n mood anymore...

ohya... the funniest part was he told me "IM BETTER THEN LAWYERS, AND IM EXPERT IN SECURITY THINGS!!!! YOU KNOW WHO I AM??? I CAN SAY MYSELF THAT IM MORE THEN PERFECT!!"http://www.smileycodes.infodamn!! now confirm tis old fart shit is CRACK!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!REALLY NOT MY DAY!!!

The moral for this incident is : U cant be too kind to old ppl...u will get urself into shitz