Friday, 30 September 2011

Day 15 : in Tears

This is de most susah title = =" who should i poke n take a pic
of em crying??? nah....i wont do that...

Photo Friday : Inside (30/09/11)

wats inside my garbage bin????
garbage lor....


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day 14: Wood

...................wood............................. <--- throw table..also wood ma...


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Day 12 : Water

My office is under renovation... if i wanan wash my hands i need to go down to store room de toilet n wash T__T so dirty....
These are from my bottle la... is clean water =w=


Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 11 : Breakfast

My kesian breakfast..
No kidding = =" it is my breakfast..


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Day 10 : My Idol

Who else but Lady GAGA.. I don really like her for the 1st impression of her song
"Just Dance".. but right after the song & MV of Poker Face..i terus fall in love
I love her creative costumes makeups n hair do...

Lady GAGA banzai!!!!!
Here's her latest song and is also one of my fav song + MV
You And I

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day 9 : Game

What will you do at school when there's no teacher around?
other then doing monkey acts jumping around... drawing blackboard and screaming around like tarzan..I prefer sitting down playing with tis.
Name : Kepung (Surround)
How To Play :
u can play with 4persons..but i prefer one on one..nonit to fight places.
we use the Math exercise book, tear the middle page and start playing..
each take different colour ink pen. Each person are allow to make 1 dot (move)
once and take turn..


Photo Friday (23/09/11) : Glowing

glowing....i really cant find anything which is glowing.... = ="
glowing sticks from Iphone ok??


day 8: An Eye


ahhhh!!!! EYE!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 7: Email

Email..sounds easy but think back.... i need to take a pic of my
monitor again = ="

nah here~~~~~~~~ my EMAIL inbox~~~~~~~~~~


So~~ nice

This is one of my super duper fav nasi lemak @ Taman Free School (at the playground next to Block KN).. My best friend Joan Gratiano @ Ah Kin @ Joanne @CPY @ Ah Jieang 
use to stay there..She intro the nasi lemak for me, and i terus fall in love with it <3
Im still loving it since year 2002... i never say NO to this nasi lemak =3=
Nasi Lemak lovers may go and try i out ^^


Day 6: On Screen

What's on ur screen??? Im reading this when i realized that i forgotten
today's title...

Miao & WafuPafu XDDDDDD so like the miao =3=


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day 5 : Music

I love music but i don know how to play music instruments..I wish to learn Violin or Piano..
but i din get the chance to..coz mom said : IS A WASTE FOR U TO PLAY SUCH EXPENSIVE INSTRUMENTS!!! GO PLANT UR POTATOS~~~!!!

Unlike Peter K ^^ he has the chance to learn PIANO..yes!!! PIANO!! but he prefer football...few mths back when i was helping him cleaning his room..and i found this...

yup is a flute...= = he plays flute, but not now....
Lesson for everyone who read this : Let ur child choose wat they want to learn n not forcing them or keep asking them to plant their potatos


Day 4 : My Desk

My desk will NEVER be clean.. no matter im at home or office...
is always MESSY....

Which means im hardworking....


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 3 : News

Have u ever heard new/joke in IQ group?? where they said
"Jamie is cheerfull like Hatsune Miku ?" wanna know why?? Wee Pin u donno rite??
Back on Nov year 2010, Gurney Plaza organized a Cosplay competition with the collaboration with
Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan . Ive enter the solo competition n i took the 1st prize..

Here's the news from The Star NEWS


Day 2 : Something Green

Everytime when i listen to the word "GREEN" 1st thing that came into
my mind was......... GO GREEN!!!!! yes!! mother nature feel sick on
how we treat the earth for the pass SO MANY YEARS n NOW!!.. chopping trees / open burning *tidak bertamadun*..and now she's getting very angry..Recycle is the best way we can do to safe our earth...
Plant trees n not chopping them, recycle n not burning them..

Little plant says : i love my owner


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 1 : Google

yeay!!!! 15 days photo challenge starto!!!
Google..herm.....i was browsing around in google n i found out tis creative art of fancy

Cute ya??? this time im using my iphone and not "Print Screen"


Friday, 16 September 2011


Jeng jeng jeng!!!! After the 30 days 30 photos challenge, blogging has become one of my daily routine..
Is a very good habit where ill be spending more time blogging abt how i find my way to take those photos
according to the theme given... YOSH!!!!
                                   Now here comes a 3 new challengers...dang dang dang!!!
                                                    - Photo Friday was found by WP ^^
15 Day Photo Challenge (Created by Ellen)

and Photo October
Looks like ill keep myself busy for tis & next mth with photos~!!!! <3


This Week's Challenge : NEAR

Yeay~~~~ TGI FRIDAY!!!! I LOVE FRIDAY especially when is a HOLIDAY
And this week challenge is NEAR...luckly is a easy theme..

I took a picture of pat's dried roses..rose will be beautiful always eventho they've already dried up...


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Steamy Lunch

Today (a day after Mid Autumn) my company's lady boss belanja everyone japanese steamboat at
 Yosenabe Penang ..

my har~~~ sap har~~~~

Combo set RM13.90++

A boat of Inoki shrooms (菇)

Yosename Set

This is Seafood set

Japanese Set

Having our great time makan until 1.45pm.
Review for this steamboat restaurant?? ok la.. normal steamboat.. nth much abt japanese juz too normal.......