Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Happy Moon Cake Festival

ah~~~~~~~~~ moon cake again....each year moon cake's price increse..
until Lotus Paste with SINGLE yolk = RM15 per pcs http://www.smileycodes.info

I bought home made moon cake from a friend of mine.. His mom make very fine soft and not
too sweet Dark Red Bean mini moon cake... and my most fav one.. moon cake "kosong" means
is empty inside...

Happy Moon Cake Festival !!!!
Middle is from KLT (Kam Lun Tai) RM15 = =" super sweet!!! = =p
Small with flower design is Red Bean Moon Cake
Small without any design is Kosong....

Soft + Non sweet + oiishi

ah = =" most potong stim de moon cake...sweet like sugar is free = ="
http://www.smileycodes.info KILL EM!!!!