Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day 5 : Music

I love music but i don know how to play music instruments..I wish to learn Violin or Piano..
but i din get the chance to..coz mom said : IS A WASTE FOR U TO PLAY SUCH EXPENSIVE INSTRUMENTS!!! GO PLANT UR POTATOS~~~!!! http://www.smileycodes.info

Unlike Peter K ^^ he has the chance to learn PIANO..yes!!! PIANO!! but he prefer football...few mths back when i was helping him cleaning his room..and i found this...

yup is a flute...= = he plays flute, but not now....
Lesson for everyone who read this : Let ur child choose wat they want to learn n not forcing them or keep asking them to plant their potatos http://www.smileycodes.info



  1. Ermmm...the flute seems to be a bit rusty. Or is that the natural color? XD

  2. ellen : is a very old flute..since peter in secondary sch..edi rusty..tak jaga..

  3. Wah... I also learned piano before, but very long time ago already :P