Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day 9 : Game

What will you do at school when there's no teacher around?
other then doing monkey acts jumping around... drawing blackboard and screaming around like tarzan..I prefer sitting down playing with tis.
Name : Kepung (Surround)
How To Play :
u can play with 4persons..but i prefer one on one..nonit to fight places.
we use the Math exercise book, tear the middle page and start playing..
each take different colour ink pen. Each person are allow to make 1 dot (move)
once and take turn..



  1. I'm very lousy at this game...never can kepung people, asyik kena kepung only :s

    And I didn't know that we can play with so many people...every time we played with 2 people only :P

  2. i played with 3ppls b4 so we have red blue n green marks on..i saw my friend play 4ppl @@ pening le.. but still prefer 2persons