Monday, 12 September 2011

Armour Workshop

Last saturday(10th Sept 2011) i've attend a armour workshop class at Disted College..
This class is not making real metal armour..we are using eva board & colour vinyl cloth..
Cosplay in Malaysia, Metal & Steel are not allow to use as we will be disqualify in competition and will be send out from the event hall or place due to safety purpose. We use boards/wood/plastic/paper to make out character weapons (susah leh)
class start at 12.30pm, but i reached there at 11.45am..i was the 1st one = ="
The class was conduct by 2 friend of mine in cosplay field..
Sensei 1 : Reimaru
Sensei 2 : Gim
This is my 1st time going to Disted must dress up abit like a student =w=" Im wearing a Superman-T/white shorts/white rubber shoe/purple cap n a sling bag

We have 8ppls joining the class ^^ almost all
kenal punya..
 5gals n 4boys attending.. huhu Gals VS Boys...

the black one is Eva board (is like a sponge)
silver is vinyl fabric(it looks like metal rite??)
Finishing arm armour ^^ looks like real rite??

One of the team member bring along this >< Sponge Bob!! so i cuba bikin monkey with it..wahahhahah
Sensei 2 (Gim) bringing along his latest work... Wonder Woman's bracelet

I have so much fun on that day.. i wish they will organize more of the class..^^ i can enjoy with friends disamping can learn more abt amour n props making ^^


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